21 November 2007
Dear Lorne,

Here is a copy of my email to the Huffington Post:

While recently trying to learn  more about the writer's strike, I came across your sight which turned out to be quite informative. Lately I have been on a crusade of sorts, more of a culmination of thoughts and ideas that have finally found the time to be put down in words. Everyone has a story to tell, few actually get around to it, fewer still manage to find a way to convey it so that others will care to hear it.

After sending this to you, I will post it to my sight
http://www.dwdiamond.com as the next in a series of letters that I have been sending to Lorne Michaels. While not quite sure where all of this is going, so far the ride has been well worth it. Rather than attempt to explain anything at this time, hopefully intuition will guide you to the sight for further investigation. Rather than show up unannounced with a dump truck of information, sending it gradually in packages limited to one page has become the format of choice.

The last few installments have been focused on the writers' strike which is in many ways a paradigm for where civilization is going. With all the resources available, getting a few facts should be easy, instead it is more like being a judge at a spin competition, steadily worn down by the effort of sifting through each angle, reading between the lines, information presented as it aligns with any given agenda. I have contacted both sides for clarification, but have yet to get a reply. There are many ways to color the truth, yet the first step to finding it is by asking. While it is easy to criticize something, the risk of offering a solution can be dissuasive. Acceptance is a bonus, yet we can only write what we believe.

If  you have the kindness and foresight to read some of the other letters, you will see that I may have a niche that could add an informative and entertaining wrinkle for your readership.  

Looking forward to your comments,