19 November 2007
cc: me, feel me, touch me...
Dear Lorne,

With the impending programming vacuum as a result of the standoff between the writers and television bosses, there will be a scramble to fill this void. Many would rather forget some of the stellar innovations from the last time this happened, but this time could be quite different.
The average person who may want to get involved, can be easily frustrated by how difficult it can be to get a clear picture of the situation. An attempt to gather information becomes more a process of filtering through versions from either camp. Whoever can provide simple, straight forward answers will have the inside track. Once the public can be educated, then the real fun can start. Can you hear me now?

We can light the fire of urgency to settle maters in a hurry with a debate. Lay all the cards on the table and let the public decide. No hired guns, real people, two bosses versus two writers. One side may have smoother talkers, but the facts and sincerity should prevail. This could also be an opportunity for celebrities to show their support, so the world can see where they stand as real people rather than the roles they play. Can viewers handle true drama, genuine rather than fabricated?

Perhaps the ultimate surreality show. A negotiating table is a bosses turf where they have their one way game plan. Get the turtle out of his shell. Interactivity would play a key role, not the classic debate format, with questions from the public sent in advance and in real time. We are a nation of pie eaters, known for blazing new trails. Visual support will be vital to simplify the message. The figures must be minimal and balanced. Satisfy the public's need to understand. There could be little vignettes that show the human or inhuman side of people from both sides. One who invites the camera crew into his house, another who sends the security guards to chase away the intruders. The entertaining twists that could be worked in are limitless, after all,  this is the writers' turf.

We must make sure that we can enjoy the shows we bring into our home in  good conscience, knowing that those who created them will never again be gypped out of their two cents worth. We can send a message by not buying any DVDs until the strike is resolved, hopefully before Christmas...

May the light of truth be a beacon of hope,