16 November 2007
cc: AMPTP, WGA, hoo hoo, ha ha, ho ho
Dear Lorne,
Like the average citizen, in order to better understand any situation, the primary reflex is to find the truth. As is often the case in any such quest, seeking answers generally leads to more questions. After visiting the WGA sight, I sent them some questions then posted that communication to my sight,
http://www.dwdiamond.com . Now there are some points I hope the AMPTP can clarify.

When stated in the recent open letter that the writers are asking for 200-700% moron downloads, percentages have no relevance without a base figure. The magnitude of increase requested could also imply the degree of disparity that needs to be redressed. The Dollars and Nonsense section quotes a per unit sales figure, but without unit price, proportion cannot be determined. There also seems to be ambiguity discerning between downloads, where the viewer pays to acquire via the internet and streaming, where there is no fee to view, but profit is made from advertising revenues, same as when you watch television. Both sides have stated that the writers get paid for downloads, although the figures found so far differ with each source. When referring to precedent or what can be deemed reasonable, the real issue is enforcement of copyright, which is the intrinsic right of any author.

Let's say that the streaming sight is like a virtual farm. You ask the owner where they got it from...  "Farmer Wood, actually his daughter Holly gave it away. The virtual tourists come from all over because of the pretty animals, without which there would be no attraction. Some end up spending money in my gift shop. The animals are so cute, but they are not the kind you can buy and sell, well,  some people think anything is for sale, but there are some principles they refuse to grasp. These animals are called productions, created by minds of varying greatness, all too happy to share, only asking for a small percentage of whatever money is made as a result, direct or indirect. There is much more where that came from, just go see my cousin, Farmer Wood, what a clever guy. He can get you all the animals you want, and he will deal with those pesky writers so you can rake in the money without being bothered. Of course, 2.5% would not make much of a dent, it's about the same as what the credit card companies get to process the transaction. You would probably sleep better knowing that everyone is being fairly dealt with, but the way it's set up for now, why give anything away when you don't have to? Isn't that the American way? My name is Eubedai, we're all one big happy corporate family here..."

Don't give up the farm,