14 November 2007
Dear Lorne,

Ever talk with someone who had more money than they could ever spend, no need to ever work, yet all they can ever seem to talk about is making more money? They are at the top of the economic food chain, but it's never enough, like it's some kind of game to make the maximum profit regardless of who gets trampled along the way. We are taught to admire the winner, the one who always comes out on top at any cost, as a good businessman. But eventually, screw enough people over for a long enough period , unless you are a dictator who can have enemies killed or imprisoned, eventually it will come around and sink its teeth into your posterior.

But with those ready and able to wait out the writer's strike, who have no apparent need or desire to negociate in good faith, you can chomp away all you want, they won't feel a thing, your jaw will just get tired. Why do they squeeze us for every last penny? Because they can. How? Because we let them. Why? We either don't know any better, don't care or are too tired or lazy to deal with it. It is so imbedded in us that we don't question it, but we should. When Mother was too busy, our first babysitter was probably a screen, a tendency we carry with us to the grave. When you can't live without something, then too much of a good thing has become an addiction. When it has become stronger than our will to stand up for what is right and fair, we have sold our souls to the devil, succumbed to their mind control. This is not just about the writers or actors, this is about every person who has to work for a living and the bovine fodder they are obliged to endure.

In terms of David and Goliath, we the consumer are the Goliath. The fat cats are laughing all the way to the bank, lazing in the lap of luxury with more money than most of us could comprehend because we gave it to them. While we can't take it away, we can certainly get their attention and stop the flow, sending a message for generations to come that injustice will not be tolerated and fairness will prevail. So if people truly want to make a difference, as long as the strike goes on, except for the news, they will turn off the television, boycott the sponsors, not buy or rent any DVDs and get rid of certain stocks.

Send a message to the elite that have been sticking it to us any way they could get away with, that this is bad business, naughty business,  so you get a big spanking, go to your room.

Power to the people,