11 November 2007
Dear Mr. Williams,

Is it fortuitous irony that someone of your stature and position host the last live emission of Saturday Night Live for a time that could turn out to be of historic significance? While beforehand you may have expressed a degree of trepidation as to how things would go, I believe that you actually felt as I did, that it would be the success it turned out to be. The experimental aspect you brought was reminiscent of the show's roots, of which I have maintained a certain affiliation.

For the past two months I have been writing letters to Lorne Michaels. After allowing mailing time, I then post the letters on my sight,
http://www.dwdiamond.com  While Lorne is the primary focus, this project has grown into something much larger, at least in my mind, that needs to be shared with the rest of the world. While the original intent was that he would at have the chance to read the letters before anyone else, recent complications have prompted the decision to eliminate the mailing delay in order to give him the option of reading the letters online in a more timely manner, since it is hard to say to what extent access to conventional mail may be an issue. It would be greatly appreciated if you were able to, as a courtesy, tell Lorne of this change.

So far, to the best of my knowledge, I have more fingers than visitors to my sight. This obscurity has in effect amounted to defacto exclusivity. In relative infancy, with much development and evolution to follow, any popularity should come from ideas expressed rather than external hype.  

The writer's strike turns out to be an opportunity for everyone to show which side of the fence they are on, yourself included. In recent correspondence, I have outlined certain tactics that some may term extreme, yet with time may become a more logical course to follow. While some make statements of support, action speaks louder than words. People look to you for the truth, yet this can come in varying shades. Lip service is an all too frequent substitute for taking a stand.  So where do you stand?  Are you a puppet or a person with conviction? At the end of your newscast,
are you free to speak from your heart, or must you stick to the script? We may think again about biting the hand that feeds us, once having considered where the finger has been.

May your balance remain intact,