8 November 2007
Dear Lorne,

Happy Birthday! Perhaps next time I may have the privilege of telling you in person. With each year, the desire to celebrate may diminish and this year the mood may not be so light hearted, but at least it looks for now like you will have some extra time off. Already canceled twice this season, will Amy Winehouse be heading back to rehab? No disrespect intended in my attempt to make light of the situation, but when nobody takes you seriously, yourself included at times, it is easier to speak your mind, perhaps too easy. While trying to get a better understanding of the predicament presently facing us, I went to the Writer's Guild web sight and ended up sending this message:

Just viewed your video explaining why the strike, I was hoping for some clarification. For the Video/DVD sales, the pay cut was 80% of 2.5%, so on $20, 2.5% would be 50¢, -80% would be a dime, but the video says 4¢. Does any documentation exist of the understanding that the 80% pay cut would be paid back once the video market became more established? Is there a way to see what the final offers were on both sides?

If I understand, there was a last minute compromise on the DVDs in the hope this would lead to movement on the other side, which it did not. If so, since you have now had to resort to going on strike, why not withdraw this concession? In fact, why not get your 80% back? They don't have as much to lose by wearing you down to your best offer, then sitting things out until you have trouble paying your bills. No wonder you are walking the picket lines, the way you have been dealt with, it must hurt to sit down. This is bigger than what you get, or the actors, but can send a message for future labor negotiations anywhere. If they don't accept the plea bargain, they could lose much more going to trial.

It would be interesting to know the net worth of some of the key players who won't budge on a fraction of a percent. If the public truly wants to support you, they should stop watching television, except for maybe the news. With pockets deep enough to wait it out indefinitely, only public scorn will bring them back to finally bargain in good faith and not be ruled by greed.

Wishing you the greatest support towards a prompt resolution,