7 November 2007
Dear Lorne,

In yesterday's letter, mainly a reaction to recent events, I may have seemed to take on a mocking tone in pointing out the fact that the show seems to be rerun more than Live and with the ongoing complications would be even more so the case for who knows how long. But having given it more thought, such a conclusion is totally missing the point. I kind of feel like I was rubbing salt in your wounds, when in fact, I share in your turmoil. Sorry if you took offense.

Although my role is merely vicarious, living a fantasy of my own creation, the frustration is real. The show continues to have a special place in my heart. Anything that impacts its wellbeing weighs on my thoughts. Yet all too often I let myself be distracted by details which are beyond my control that need not really be of concern. If you end up with a stack of these letters upon your return from an extended break, so what? The bigger something gets, the easier it is to become distanced from the founding principles that got you started. For now there is nothing much I can do but continue to write and focus on creativity.

In effect, the show is only really Live in two time zones, delayed out west. The rarity of a Live viewing is of intrinsic appeal. So why should this event be geographically limited when there is now technology available to share with a global audience? Yesterday I also may have insinuated that watching the show was an alternative to going out. To what extent are parties planned around watching the show and how could network resources help encourage this trend? In Japan, the show would air early Sunday afternoon, prime time for friends to get together. In Britain, many might just be getting back from a night out clubbing, yet not quite ready to turn in.   

How difficult would it be to stream the show live over the internet so that it could be viewed anywhere in the world? Think of the sponsors this could attract. Think of the bad guys this could piss off. Think of how this could enhance SNL's stature as an icon of free expression. Al jazeera can do it, why not you? There may be obstacles, the politics of which could be another dragon to lampoon. We can do more than entertain, we can change the world, one joke at a time.

...no matter how hopeless, no matter how far...