6 November 2007
Dear Lorne,

Just when everything seems to be falling into place and it seems like things are rolling along, something that hasn't happened in close to twenty years kicks a wheel off our wagon. While there had been hope that the recent negotiations could have been resolved in order to continue with business as usual, given the complications resulting from the impasse, this has become an issue I can no longer avoid, although I would have preferred to.

As much as I may visualize myself on the inside, that is still not the case. I am merely a figment from the distant past with delusions of grandeur. But you did bring back Chevy, perhaps the only fixture predating my apparition, so who knows. Whatever gets worked out, however long it takes is solely the domain of the parties directly concerned. The only question I have pertains to what extent you will be checking your mail so that I can determine if my efforts may need to be adjusted accordingly. Ideally if there was a way the letters could be forwarded to wherever you may be, then at least we could maintain a certain thread of continuity.

This year both of us have now been faced with an indeterminate chunk of down time. In spite of the sadness and regret for the impending losses to be incurred by the failure to find a common accord, the challenge of finding a bright side to an otherwise gloomy situation is too strong to resist. One may think that maybe now you won't be such a busy guy, but you probably have some pans on the back burner. No doubt you could see this coming and have other things lined up, right?

For your time slot, nothing can come close to the backlog on offer. On the rare occasion I am around a television in the states on a saturday night, it is usually a rerun anyway. Perhaps it could be temporarily renamed to Saturday Night Rerun, or add a question mark; Saturday Night Live? Or Saturday Night Live#$%
!@f%!!?!? may better match the state of mind of the viewer who stayed in to watch a rerun.

In any case, good times or bad, life goes on. Since the content of these letters is strictly delineated from anything that could be construed as material for the show, they can keep flowing as long as you can find the chance to read them. Sooner or later, things will pick up where they left off. 

Until then, we can all make the best of the hand we're dealt. 

Hang in there,