4 November 2007
Dear Lorne,

How are you? It's me, your experiment from thirty years ago, back in the days of your wild and crazy mad scientist mood swings, before you knew any better. Once you create a giant, is it more a question of finding the direction to steer it in or just clinging to your lofty perch on the shoulder of a lumbering beast? Each stride swaying back and forth, as if hanging on for dear life at the height of the tallest tree you ever climbed, having not anticipated just how windy it would be at the top.

If I start to imagine what it might be like to be in your shoes, my thoughts are quickly diverted by the realization that there is no point in even trying to go there. I would like to think you are a nice person. If this were not the case, someone would have trashed you by now, but perhaps I just haven't heard about it yet. One of the few things that stuck in my mind from when I was there was that there were generally positive vibes. On the rare occasion I come into Manhattan, it is not what you see that can seem overwhelming, but more sensing the concentration of energy that abounds.

If I had to choose one meeting I could sit in on, it would be the first one of the week, when the show is in its embryonic phase. To feel the cacophony of vibes bouncing around the room and see what form of structure is fleshed out from there. The more I can't stop myself, the more I hate speculating, when I know that it will be more the situation I crave, where I can go in like a blank canvas and absorb like a sponge, then later see what drips out.

As a silent observer, I would stay out of the way and not comment unless asked to. This I am willing to make the time for given the educational benefit. Any direct observation pertaining to material for the show would be crossing the line. While more than happy to share, I would  not want to risk the resentment of my potential future partners in crime by seeming like I am trying to do for free the job they are getting paid for. At any moment, I will be ready to rumble, but that will be your call, whenever you so feel inclined. Sensing how our vibes align will lay the path to the future. Listen to your heart. You've read this far, we're just getting warmed up.

Thanks again for your time,