25 September 2007

Dear Lorne,

Since I cannot assume that any of my other letters have gotten through to you yet, I am the Anyone Can Host Runner up from thirty years ago, when the dream was born that someday I would return in a creative capacity. One letter at a time, I hope to build my case.

While fame and fortune may be enough of a carrot for some to chase, the question remains once in such a position, where to go from there? I would like to believe that there is a fundamental human need to make the world a better place. Anything anybody ever does is to be noticed or in other words, loved. Yet who we are on the inside can be quite different from what others see on the surface. Our most noble aspirations trampled in the rush of the daily grind.

How many study psychology to learn to help people, only to find how rare those kinds of jobs actually are? Yet such mind control expertise is more abundantly put to use convincing the consumer which hamburger will bring happiness or which chemically laden carbonated beverage must be part of their staple diet. Profit and greed seem to be the driving forces behind what we are influenced by. A faceless corporate monster financed by our pension funds. Not that this is entirely such a bad thing, only that it works by keeping us off balance.

Politicians are rarely inclined to reform a system they are part of, why bother?  The Mr. Potters of the world seem to be getting their act together, yet we can be George Bailey. The sword of satire deftly wielded can chip away at the facade imposed upon us by those seeking to manipulate us. People find funny the things they can identify with. We would rather laugh than cry. Keeping things light may be safer and easier, but adding the right dose of spice can convert an everyday comfort dish into a culinary masterpiece.

How do you feel when the show is referred to as an institution? Do you think it was meant as a compliment? It's like Robin Hood got everyone to sign up for direct debit then did an occasional seminar. Which side are you on? Are you still willing to take chances like back in the early days?

Hopefully by now someone has started a folder for these letters. I will try to use pretty stamps.

May you lasso the ratings,