21  September 2007
Dear Lorne,

By now you should have received a number of letters exploiting the fact I was the Anyone Can Host contest runner up, in order to establish a more privileged line of communication than any other nobody. Whether anything has gotten through to you or ever will may never be known, that is your choice.  After you have had some time to read each letter, it will be added to my web sight, dwdiamond.com.  Below is a copy of the introduction:

Years ago, I appeared on the nationally televised show called Saturday Night Live  The decision to start writing letters to the show's founder, Lorne Michaels, while it coincides with the thirtieth anniversary of the contest, in which I was runner up, is more of a voyage of discovery. Sharing experience and observations with an individual in a position to make things happen creatively could be a crucial step towards getting ahead. Yet an individual merely serves as a focal point of the larger entity. A fundamental precept of starting anything great is that it will grow beyond yourself. While still a part of you, the collective energy evolved can take your concept to a level more likely to attract greater talent. Few have had the good fortune to ride this wave of aspiration granting access to the tools needed to convert vision to reality. Some live with the regret of having missed that wave. Most just wet their feet, stay out of the water or have never been to the beach. 

These letters are an attempt to bridge the gap towards fulfilling potential, not just mine, but whoever else's path may be crossed along the way. However, wherever thought can be shared, dreams can be sown. This is an open call to open minds. If you feel there is a way our resources can be shared, please feel free to contact me. Thanks again for visiting my sight, enjoy....

As this grows, so will media interest. Sooner or later, you will be asked about your reply, if any.
How do you feel about the general public reading over your shoulder? While this originates between us two, it merits global exposure. Who are you? What do you stand for?
Are you still calling the shots, or just along for the ride?
What makes you feel alive?

Surfs up,