15 October 2007

Dear Lorne,

As this has grown, administrative details have at times hindered productivity. There's all these letters ready to send you, yet which one next? Spreading them out over a period of time seems better than risk overwhelming you with too much too soon. However, if anyone is looking at postmarks, they will notice that three will be mailed today, all from different continents. 
I keep trying to find myself, but generally am not all there.

While editing is a fundamental part of the writing process, this is a specialty in itself. Because these are going to you first then after that who knows, I want to put my best fool forward, yet there needs to be a time to let go. Sometimes the bird will not fly until you kick it out of the nest.
How do you avoid micro managing?

Hopefully you don't think that I am actually expecting you to answer all my questions. If I were in your position that would drive me nuts. The question is the fundamental communication tool, open ended, provoking thought. How much do you put yourself in the place of the viewer more likely to have the disposable income that would appeal to sponsors, who after staying up until one 1AM asks themselves, was this worth my time? Of course we all need a good laugh, for the same reasons we could use a good cry.  If we are going to make brains hurt, let's make it hurt so good.

When I take a moment to step back and reflect, a voice in my head asks: Are you crazy? By now the answer must be all too obvious. What have I got to lose, my mind? Too late. Most of the tools in my box are far from mastered, yet in the attempt, may find a new usage. Sometimes making a total mess of things is the first step towards a masterpiece, yet more likely the contrary.

At the end of the day, you know what you are doing. I have confidence in your capacity to recognize creative potential and can't help but feel it is just a matter of time before you welcome me on board, yet how on earth can I be objective? You are kind enough just to let me know you are getting the letters, and already I see myself in my private jet. Soon I will be off my medication, then I will no longer have that excuse. I was hoping to give the show an additional dimension, but  seem to be more specialized in dementia.

Looking forward to your questions,