19 September 2007

Dear Lorne,
How often does the Anyone Can Host contest come back to haunt you? Although I was runner up, that needn't in itself make me the lead antagonist in that category. When I try to put myself in your place, everything you must have to deal with could seem overwhelming. What to delegate and when to get hands on is a tough call. We are constantly bombarded by details, usually the mundane obscuring the relevant. How do you make sense of it all?

Given the level of buffoonery in the pubic eye, simple presentation with maybe a slight twist usually  
works the best. Back to basics. A few years ago, when Michael Jackson was in the news, I couldn't resist sending you a telegram pointing out the prophetic lyrics in one of his songs, especially given how the release date coincided with events in question. While you did come out with some other funny stuff on him, isn't it a little sweeter when you can lampoon someone with their own words?

 A therapist listens, asking key questions, guiding the client to heal themselves via their own path. Whether or not you share my desire to save the world, if a certain sketch seems to be taking a higher ground, would that not make it more of a target for others to give it their own little twist? What sort of give and take comes into play when ideas are shared in different stages of development? How do you handle such potential confrontation?

Among recent speculation regarding the decision to not renew the contracts of certain cast members for the coming season, was that it was due to their disproportionate consumption of the catering budget. There must be many different ways each individual contributes to the overall end creative result. What do you take into account when deciding who stays and who moves on? For example, choosing between consistency or the one who occasionally comes out with a bolt of brilliance? What about the one who has minimal production in their own right, yet inspires others in new directions? What proportion of material which makes the final cut is a group effort or from a specific individual or team?  If it makes a difference, I do not eat nearly as much as in the past.

It would be a great honor to dine at your table. I promise I won't take the last eggroll.

Bon appetite,