18 September 2007

Dear Lorne,

How could anyone have foreskin that my time as the Anyone Can Host contest runner up was merely the tip of the iceberg. For the past week I have been gathering momentum on this project. While I thought weaving a certain degree of transparency into the mix could perk interest, it seems that every time I do, it gets edited out. Getting a bunch of these letters in the can ready to mail in order to maintain a consistent flow while staying well ahead of any deadline was how it started. The step at a time approach has been essential in order to keep on target and stay productive. Now I wonder if I might be getting too far ahead, at least as far as this applies to you. What target?

This has now grown well beyond where I had thought it would be by this point in time. If this is not the first letter to get through, I hope they have kept you more amused than annoyed. If the latter be more the case, I'm just getting warmed up. If I don't fast track this one, you may not get it until after your birthday. Who knows how things will have mutated by then.
Nobody knows about this for now. Just you, myself and whoever helps you screen out such cases as this. But that will not last. After you have had time to read each letter, they will be posted on my web sight which for now, compared to what it will be later, sucks. It has only been visited by family and friends, both of them. Since the first letter sent should have arrived by now, I just tried sending you an email of it, but instead get redirected to Yahoo. Is Email Lorne for real or a joke?

Soon I may be able stop the medication I have been on since last May which has made me steadily weaker. I ran every single day for over eleven years, now climbing the stairs can be a hassle. Despite the debilitating side effects, I feel that interferon can reformat certain physical and mental capacities. If I can make it through these next few weeks without a brain aneurism, heart attack or rotten luck, my strength will return as the drugs wear off. We are best defined by how we deal with adversity. Either crumble, or dig in to find our focus and resolve. Have you ever been so far down that you may have doubted how you would ever get back up?

Trying to explain myself is beyond any reasonable expectation, but if I drop dead tomorrow, this project will have at least helped me share that much more. So as long as I can keep writing something worth reading, I can at least keep myself entertained and perhaps others as well.

Best wishes,