17 September 2007

Dear Lorne,

Thirty years ago, I was runner up in the Anyone Can Host Contest. While it was so close yet so far, somehow I knew that there would be other opportunities. While it is hard to say in what way if any I was affected as a result of your experiment, it was a great memory. I cannot thank you enough. Before sending this letter, I got online to find your mailing address, but as is often the case with the internet, like a supermarket, you find much more than what you were originally looking for, such as your web sight. When clicking  LINKS it just goes to the SNL sight. How about adding links to certain titles to facilitate learning more about your other work?

Some of the disclaimers could have been written with me in mind. Sending you sketches, while good practice, was not the right way to go. A couple years after the show I lived in Las Vegas for about a year. I tried some stand up comedy, but I was too green. People laughed more when I sang than when I tried to be funny. Some things need to come naturally and cannot be forced. With experience we find what we are best suited for. Hopefully opportunity is in alignment.

Perhaps if I had put more effort into becoming a comedian, that would have put me more on track to join your writing staff, yet everything works out the way it does for a reason, doesn't it?
Maybe my impression of what the show and you stand for are unrealistic. Being Not Ready for Prime Time had a special feel for many viewers, somehow not so distant. The only point of hanging onto the past is so as not to lose of touch of what made our future.

Somehow I can't help thinking that if you ever actually read one of my letters and liked the way I think, who knows. After all, you are basically God around there, aren't you? If you felt I could do more good than harm, maybe somehow there could be a way to fit me into the picture. Just because you work at such a show needn't mean that you have a sense of humor, but I was hoping you might anyway. Isn't delirium contagious?

The journey is often more fun than the destination, especially when you end up somewhere you had not originally planned. I hope to keep the ball rolling, each letter a statement, a building block, aiming beyond any stated objective. I know I can make a difference in ways bigger than either one of us.

Hope you are able to have new links added to your sight soon,