13 October 2007
Dear Lorne,

In case you have not yet read any of my other letters yet, thirty years ago I was the Anyone Can Host Contest runner up. At the time, you were somewhere around thirty, which to me back then seemed pretty ancient. Does age seem less relevant as you age, or do we just forget?

Talent comes naturally, while a skill is developed. When doing the singing telegrams, especially with corporate clients, there was a need to write customized songs. While in some cases it was merely changing a few rhymes in a stock melody, the best ones were where both the lyrical and melodic hook came out of nowhere as one. The sort of thing you can't get out of your head. The more you try to forget, the more you are stuck with it. After the vast majority of a show is forgotten, that irritating jingle will still be there, like a cockroach after Armageddon.

While required to refrain from disclosing any details, there are already a few that if given the chance, viewers would be humming at work Monday after the show, maybe even the namesakes themselves.
Like a bird on its perch, singing to proclaim the new day, a true song is a window to the heart. A singer will either blossom or wilt depending on how they are able to sing. A few years ago I sent you a CD with a few of my songs hoping to return as a musical guest. Based on my impending blastoff to super celebrity status, part of my offer was to occasionally appear as a special musical guest to debut a new song, first time performed anywhere. Somehow I still believe this could all happen one day. It all has to start with a dream.

But for now, I  just want to keep sharing, one letter at a time. Even if I never hear from, you will have at least provided a focal point for expanding my thought into written word. But if we can start communicating, that will be a step one. Even if you just tried me for one week and it was a total bust, it would still goose the ratings. If you worry that letting me in would open the floodgates for every nutcase to come out of the woodwork and try to do the same, I have solutions in mind to handle the consequences of either my success or failure so either way, we can't miss.

Where I may fit in with perhaps the most talented creative team around is not for me to say. The tuning process may require time, but this bird will fly on the wind of our intuition.

Thanks again for the inspiration,