11 October 2007
Dear Lorne,

Thank-you very much for validating my existence by letting me know that the letters are getting your personal nose or eye or ear, I can't quite recall the exact words Jennifer used. A different name for the project had crossed my mind, Letters for Lorne, but now that is no longer the case. In some ways the phone call is still sinking in, kind of like the one from Barbara Burns thirty years ago. So far what you have seen are limited tidbits, like peeking through cracks in the fence, or that is what I would like to feel.

Once time after doing a singing telegram at a party for a mainly college aged crowd, one of the guests took it upon himself to put me into the swimming pool, although I was not in bathing attire, yet close. A bit later, seizing the opportunity that his attention was distracted, I attempted to return the favor. So he says something along the lines of me wanting to go back in again, we are rolling towards the pool, getting much more scraped up than the initial encounter and somehow as luck would have it, we got to the edge as he was rolling over me so he went in. His shirt was already wet since I had taken it in with me previously. We had a good laugh about it afterwards and he turned out to be a nice guy.

Turns out he was the high school state wrestling champion in Colorado, fourth at the nationals. Had I known that, I would have been too psyched out to even think of attempting such a feat. I was never a fighter. I like to rassle, but when I got into a fight, I usually ended up being a punching bag. So one of the reactions to yesterday's phone call is now knowing that the letters are actually getting through to you, will this increase the pressure or detract from the fun? Be careful what you ask for, because you just may get it, then what? Have you ever done something that had you been better informed you never would have attempted? So if I had the chance to show you how I could make a positive enough contribution to justify my presence, could I handle it? Who knows, but either way, consider the adventure we could all share.

Would you agree that it is not whether you succeed or fail that matters as much as the fun you may have along the way? However confident I may be, you can ever know what it is like to swim with the fish until you jump into the tank.
Take care,