14 September 2007

Dear Lorne,

Allah be praised, that as a young man, I was the Anyone Can Host contest runner up. The beard I had at the time, by now could have been long enough to trip over. I could have wrapped it around the top of my head to make a spectacular beehive taller than King Kong. I sacrificed my dignity for the sake of laughter which has condemned me to a life of foolery. So now, reap from an unlikely source, and you shall sow an unexpectedly fruitful harvest as pages of wisdom come from faraway lands.

While most may not want to hear another bin Laden video, this most recent one sure has a usable theme. Just reading the transcript, the man himself has already written most of the sketch. While there seems to be more of a tendency to queue these letters up in sequence as they are written, this one is being fast tracked to the front given the timeliness of it's topic.

How can we win the war on terror? The word itself implies fear, fueled by hatred. The quoted dictionary definition of martyr is: "a person who is killed because of their religious or other beliefs". Like those Korean missionaries for example. Yet nothing in that definition that says a martyr kills themselves let alone others. Muslim friends have confided that some of their brethren are the most notorious hypocrites. The more this can be exposed using their own words, the better.

There was an order placed at a lingerie factory in Iran for thousands of pairs of minimal, one time use bra and panty sets to go to their most religious city, where leaders often go on pilgrimage. The local interpretation of Islamic law allows for marriages of a few hours. Since anyone can become a priest by simply having a conversation with Allah, any woman with the misfortune of crossing paths with them may be obliged to become their next wife, at least for the honeymoon.

Every religion has it's share of scandalous behavior. The radical fraction perpetuate an unfair bias to the vast majority of peace loving Muslims, some of whom are your neighbors. Indoctrinated people kill, not the truly educated. The more hypocrisy is exposed, the sooner we can build a bridge of love.  

May your caravan follow the road of wisdom and peace,