7 October 2007
Dear Lorne,

By now you may know that I was the Anyone Can Host contest runner up, yet I need to keep repeating this to start every letter, just in case this is the first one to get through to you. It is also an additional challenge to see how many different ways I can say the same @#§%& thing. Once I know that my letters to you are not being deleted, incinerated, shredded or otherwise recycled, I could at least feel like I no longer have to introduce myself every single time.

Someone could be building quite the collection by now, enough to set off the fire alarm with. Whatever may have been lost in the shuffle, I can easily fill in the blanks. Before someone tells me to get a life, please remember that anything worth striving for starts with a dream. Once I heard that your writers are handled through agents. If so, have you ever wondered what could be slipping through the cracks?
My brother, who worked awhile within a municipal administration, came up with what he called the castration theory. The one who gets the promotion is usually not the best qualified, but the most diplomatic. Able to get along most everyone, not take unpopular stands on anything, avoid any form of confrontation, in some ways, spineless. So the ones who rise to the top as a result of their capacity to compromise, may have an inherent aversion to making decisions. Who do you answer to?

What other areas do you think this concept might apply? More so in the public or private sector? Often within any form of collective representation where the guise of democracy is generally diverted to suit a hidden agenda, such as unions. It has noting to do what is logical, practical or fair. It's all about what whoever is in the position to make the call feels what would be best, yet for who?

If there is a criterion in place preventing me from consideration, then perhaps this rule itself should be questioned. Of course every rule has a reason, yet it needn't be placed above reason. I would like to believe that you stand for something, that your mind is open, that you have vision, yet just wanting to think something is never enough to make it so. Action is required, these letters for example...

Awaiting your decision,