12 September 2007

Dear Lorne,

Almost thirty years ago, I was runner-up out of the nearly 150,000 entries in the Anyone Can Host Contest. When I first heard about it, I had just returned from living in Europe so I set a goal of sending you a certain number of postcards, each one hopefully with something witty enough on it to make it worth the postage. Lucky stamps were cheap back then. Although I did not send as many as originally planned, about the time I had stopped thinking about it, I got a call from the talent coordinator, Barbara Burns, informing me I was one of the fifty finalists  After answering her questions, I thought of what I should have said and felt I had made a mess of it, but a few days later there was another call to tell me I was one of the five finalists, asking me how soon I could be in New York. Plus I had some stamps left over.

I was referred to as the unemployed guy from Oregon. Shaving wasn't really my thing so I must have looked the part. Eventually I did find a job, but at the time I was still more in student mode, just not in a formal school. Yet even before the contest, the dream had been hatched that somehow, someday,  I would become part of your writing staff.

For awhile I sent in a certain quantity of sketches, only to have them either ignored or returned with a form letter stating the policy of not accepting any unsolicited material. I did once get a note from Joe Piscopo, briefly saying that for legal reasons, such material could not be read, but wishing me luck. No doubt a certain protocol is in order. Over the years who knows how this may have evolved.         I wonder to what extent the composition of your creative talent pool crosses your mind.
On the rare occasion I am able to see the show, I try to stay awake to see the credits.
There sure are a lot more names than in the old days.

As with the postcards thirty years ago, I will try to keep sending you letters, maybe one will get through. The objective is to establish communication. Nothing  I send you should be construed as any form of unsolicited material. Anything that may resemble that in any way would be coincidence and unintentional. I read the websight disclaimers. Whoever may be screening your mail may want to consider not sending this directly to the circular file. The original copies may one day be of great value. They could be auctioned off to help some charity for crazy people. It helps to think ahead.

Hope to hear from you before too long,