8 September 2008

Dear Lorne,

While the time invested in writing these letters is primarily for our mental stimulation and enjoyment, your role as a focal point serves to maintain a high standard, to the delight of those other than yourself, once this is embraced by the masses. Anything sent your way had better be beyond good. Future historians may one day refer to this as a literary work which reflects the times we live in, yet so far the most lasting impression seems to be from the photo of me dressed as a Playboy Bunny. Do people not read as much as they used to?

In case you haven't noticed, there are a couple photos of you on my site by the letters link. To bolster the visual element, previously static images are in the process of being spiced up.  
Not only should this enhance the viewing experience, but it should further consolidate your pop icon status. Skills tend to be acquired as they become a necessity. Watching experts at their craft is a much easier way to learn how to get things right. Having to learn for yourself, especially when following instructions is more of an afterthought, is the best way to learn how to do it wrong. Some of the preliminary results might seem a bit rudimentary, but with persistence, it should get better, or worse, depending on how you want to look at it.

Of course, if you have a problem with this, please let me know. It would be great to hear from you, regardless of the tone. Once you finally put me to work, any aggravation endured along the way will be more than compensated. Getting your attention might require the risk of rubbing you the wrong way. Why look for trouble, when it always seems to find you?
The messier it gets, the more publicity, the higher the ratings.

In the recent letter referring to The Line, a link to episode one has been added for those who may not have heard about it yet. Anyone trying too hard to convince that they are on your side, is probably the last one you would want to trust. It is said that you go after whoever is in power, so in the context of the immediate task at hand, that would be you, in a position to open the door, or nail it shut. An opening, or an obstacle. Accidental hero or villain, in our sideshow gone off the rails before it ever got on track.

Remember, I'm just a phone call or email away. Whatever the circumstances, I'll find a way to get up to speed while being a minimal distraction. At any whim, you can cut me loose, yet still benefit from the buzz generated. Anyone knows how busy you must be, when you leave a loose end hanging, is it by design or lack of time to deal with it?

Let's pull another rabbit out of your hat,