4 September 2008

Michael Phelps
cc: Lorne Michaels

Dear Michael,

Congratulations on gaining full control of Saturday Night Live. Lorne is very clever to step aside and give you full reign so that the nation can best experience your magnetic personality.
Then if your transition to firm ground turns out to have any bumps, it won't be his fault. If he is still hanging around, could you see if he has checked his mail lately?

Sorry I could not be there in person to help you make a big splash in the entertainment world, but it's not as if I haven't been trying. For the last year I've been sending him letters, a follow up to when I was runner up in the Anyone Can Host contest in 1977. After mailing, they are posted to my site, www.dwdiamond.com  If you ever get around to it, perhaps you may find them of interest, assuming this letter even gets through to you in time, if at all.

It's not about finding fame and fortune, yet more of an appeal as to where to go from there. You mention the importance of following a dream. While a number of things need to fall into place, we know where it all starts from. Having a big heart can be a blessing or a curse, depending on how the passion can be channeled. A good workout must be the best way to escape from all the stress and hype being spun at you.

Do you let your fingernails get a little longer before a big race in the event of a close finish? Has anyone dared you to jump into the pool wearing all your medals to see how well you would be able to stay afloat? The greater the success, the more the crybabies come out of the woodwork to rain on the parade.  Few can imagine the hard work and sacrifice it took for you to make it to the top. Nobody is offering them big money for their endorsement, so all they can do is complain.  You should be able to eat whatever you want, except there was one quote that needs to be clarified, that to get enough calories, in a week you could eat all the children in an African village? Does this mean that when you 'save the children', it is so that
you can eat them later? Will you be anchoring Weekend Update? Seth could probably use a break as well, then he could focus more on his head writer responsibilities. Since you are the big boss there now, why not shake things up as much as possible?

After all, the world is at your feet, right?

Have fun,