Dear Dan,

When you heard about the concept of the Anyone Can Host contest, what sort of thoughts first crossed your mind? Who actually came up with the idea? When you met the finalists, were you thinking more in terms of damage control or unique opportunity? To this day, many questions still remain as to how I ended up there. I was told my postcards stood out in a way that defied categorization. At that age, anything seems possible. Do we have to grow up?

Like mystery, assuming we were born on the same planet, this one, do you ever find yourself skirting another dimension? Ever get drawn in a certain direction? Not sure why, maybe the reason reveals itself along the way, but if not, that's fine too. A year ago I started writing to Lorne, one letter at a time. After mailing, they are posted to my sight, Over thirty years ago, my ambition was to do more than just be on the show, I wanted to do what you did. Of all the cast I had the honor to work with, you continue to be an inspiration in that you gave it your all. If I get the chance to go back there and make a creative contribution, the vision of you calling it an early night after the show and your omnipresence in the days leading up to it will give me an extra push to try to emulate your work ethic. You liked the line I added to the l'Absurd sketch. You let me try on your cone, it was a perfect fit.

Just being a part of a television show cannot be an end in itself. Wielding the sword of satire can change the course of humanity. A bridge to higher intelligence is when each individual is free to think independently, unencumbered by any authority seeking to validate an agenda. Imagination is nurtured, creativity blossoms exponentially. We are conditioned to use a mere fraction of out brains' potential. Who stands to lose what if the masses were enlightened? What would become of the hierarchy based on material acquisition? Some facts may remain forever concealed, making it even more food for thought. If you came from far beyond, what wisdom would you have to share with mankind? While access to the facts can be impeded, perhaps we could brainstorm a less frontal approach to this matter next time I'm in LA.

If you get around to reading some of the letters on my site, maybe you could be so kind as to enlighten me as to whether my mission is a monument or a monumental mess. We have only one planet. While some may be capable of elevating perception to a higher plane, such vision is compromised by those who ravage the loopholes to satisfy insatiable ego. We may be both battling the same unfathomable foe. Darkness fears light. Ignorance fears truth. When the man in the black Ford gave you that look, was it to mask fear? He disappeared, didn't he?

We are not alone, 

30 August 2008

cc: Lorne Michaels
Dan Aykroyd