29 September 2007
Dear Lorne,

Below please find a description intended for newspaper editors. Are we having fun yet?

Recently I started writing letters to Lorne Michaels, the original producer of Saturday Night Live. Thirty years ago, I was runner up in the Anyone Can Host contest. Out of 150,000 entries,  I was one of the five finalists invited to be on the show. The story since then, as well as the presentation concept, could  be of interest to your readers.

Each letter asks a question. Starting one at a time, it continues to mutate into something beyond attempting to explain in this introduction. After allowing sufficient time for each letter to be read, they are then posted on my web sight, dwdiamond.com. Anyone I may try to tell what I'm up to would might think I'm crazy and may not be too far off, but this is much larger than one individual.  So I just tell everyone to look at the sight, witness as it unfolds.

Who knows where this will go. Your readers could play a role. This letter will be incorporated into my next letter to Lorne. The only other item he did not get first hand was the preface on my web sight. Perhaps he may never read any of them, but a true creation is made for the joy of creating, not for any material gain. Even before I started taking my  medication, I may not have been all there. Will that help sell newspapers?

Back in the sixties, I was a token honky at a federally funded work camp called SEEK, basically a way to keep inner city youth off the streets while improving trails and camp sights in the Olympic National Park. One of the sight managers, a tough guy ex marine, pointed to the rocks where some had painted their names and stated that to do so was an admission that it was the only way to get noticed by others. That if you are really a somebody, others will notice you through your deeds and speak of you, so you won't need to blown your own horn.  Often the hallmark of greatness is humility. So the sooner you read the letters on the sight, which are posted roughly nine days after the mailing date, the sooner you would be able to get caught up so that web and newspaper column versions would be in sync.

Please feel free to contact me regarding how this project may be worthy of your readership.
This could turn out to be a total waste of time, which helps make it even more fun.

Thank you for your time,