24 May, 2008

Dear Lorne,

While web surfing to find out the season finale date, certain forums were discovered, which comprise of individuals perhaps sharing a common interest...

Back before many of this forum's members were even born, I appeared on SNL as a finalist in the Anyone Can Host contest. Last year I started writing letters to Lorne Michaels. They can be accessed on my site, 
http://dwdiamond.com  Anyone finding the time to have a look may be confused at first, yet after further investigation, may end up even more confused.
SNL seems to be a microcosm of television in its attempt to cast a fresh light on the events, people and other factors that influence how we see the world. Television can be a window to a society's state of mind. Watching in any country can provide a good indication as to how clued up the people are and who is calling the shots. An indication of a civilized culture is the extent leaders can be subject to ridicule without fear of retribution. Satire is recess, a playful break in what may be a dreary routine, a way to evacuate the stress from the weight of taking things too seriously. Laughter has a magical way of lightening perspective to chase away fear. If each country could have a SNL equivalent, would there be as much tragedy and injustice?  

Barnyard fragrances, although at times pungent, are generally preferable to being downwind of a factory in that organic is less threatening, unless on the way to a slaughterhouse crowded into the back of a truck. Longevity has a way to creep tentacles around something once novel, replacing adventure with security. To spell things out and indicate a course of action needn't be necessary in view of the creative potential Anyone reading this may have yet to unleash.  

Upon hearing about this project, some have said that SNL needs help, yet don't we all? Wouldn't it be nice to have another view from the inside? Hopefully I can help with just that. If some may think it's a mess now, wait until I get a shot. It may get even worse, but more people will have a compelling reason to stay tuned to watch the disaster in progress. Rather than die with a whimper, wouldn't it be more fitting to blaze the way to new heights at the risk of going down in flames? 
Fire, fire